Jeans Recycled

My jeans were worn out beyond repair. No amount of patchwork could save them. Distressed jeans were not my type of clothes. So what was I supposed to do?

Recycling jeans had been on my mind since long. The possibilities a worn-out pair of jeans carry are innumerable. And this was my perfect chance to give it a try.

The result?

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The colour of denim contrasted with all the other colours gave a striking and attractive result – be it the tote, the earplug pouches or the indigo skirt.


I could have done better but this was not bad. One pair of jeans was recycled into so many products. This tote was the first in line to take shape.





See the bright orange on the inside? That is a t-shirt my son had outgrown. It was a perfect fit for the inside. And the outside pockets were patched up scraps of cloth. They helped break the monotony of the large blue expanses.







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Next in line was a clutch to go with the tote. After all, we all need that little clutch to carry money, coins, keys etc.








Now I was left with small pieces of the jeans. What could I do with them? The earplug cozies were the perfect choice. I managed to make three to four cozies. These are snug and safe for the earplugs. No more tangled wires in my bag.


The last piece was the top portion. The pockets and zipper and all. Cutting it up would hardly give me anything. So the best choice was the skirt. The entire portion was kept intact. Adding a fresh piece of cloth gave me a brand new skirt.

One pair of jeans worn out gave me the opportunity to create so many different items. Can’t wait to work on the next pair of worn out denims.


T-shirt to Tote Bag

Could any other garment be more useful than a t-shirt? Whether you wear it or plan to discard it, its uses never seem to get over. The t-shirt comes back in a renewed form to serve a whole new purpose.

One such purpose was the transformation of the t-shirt to a a cushion.

Once again we take up a t-shirt but create something different. Our project this time is transforming a t-shirt to a tote bag. That’s right, we are reusing the t-shirt as a tote bag.

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And do you know the fun part of it? This is a super quick project suitable as a kid’s project, with a little help. No needles and sewing involved; this is a no-sew bag.

What you need is fifteen minutes, an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

Have you grabbed all three? So let us start.

We need to cut off the sleeves and neck portion. Make sure to make cuts which are equal on both sides.

After cutting, this is what your t-shirt will look like.


Cut off the hem portion of the t-shirt.

Now, depending upon the length of the tassel you need, make vertical cuts all along the bottom of the t-shirt. Your t-shirt should look like this.


To seal the bottom, take one strip from the t-shirt front and one from the t-shirt back and tie them up twice to make a knot. Similarly, tie all the front and back strips.


Having tied all the strips your bag will be ready and look something like this.


You tote is ready to go shopping!

Old Container, New Look

Repurposing and reusing is probably one of the ways we can reduce waste on this earth. It is a truth that we cannot escape all the packaged goods completely. Some time or the other we do end up buying some packed good. And with them come the packages.

What do you do with empty boxes and packets? Take for example this curd container.


Using a little bit of fabric and fabric glue this curd container has been given a new look. All that you need to do is cut some fabric the size of the jar and a round shaped piece for the lid. Apply fabric glue all around the jar and carefully stick the fabric.

Take care to remove all wrinkles from the fabric or else it will give an untidy look.


Now I can use this box as a cookie container. See those freshly baked custard cookies peeking out of the box.


My cookies comfortably rest in this repurposed curd container. What a wonderful way to resuse a box that would have, otherwise, landed in a trash bin.