Drawstring Bag

This was something completely new that I was trying out. Had been on my mind for quite some time but finally gave it a shot today and I am not disappointed. It surely could have been better but for a first time attempt it turned out pretty fine.

Will be trying out an additional one soon but for now this one is acceptable to Aseem though he would have preferred a denim bag.

The following little one was for the┬áneighbor’s son for his third birthday. It was a fairly small one measuring 11″ X 10″. The prize was the fact that he had it on his back throughout the party.
Drawstring bag
Birthday gift for a three year old

Cushion Cover

Between all the article writing and storyboarding it is always fun to take some time to create something. This one cushion of mine was screaming for a cover and I just could not ignore it. So here it is with its brand new cover made all by myself for my cushion and to add a splash of color to my couch.

It is simple and easy to do it. I did go a bit wrong with the zipper as I was trying out this different way to attach it. But in the end it turned out to be pretty fine.

I have also tried to keep the inside stitches clean by first stitching the three closed sides right-way out. Next I pulled the inside out and ran a stitch all along the three sides with right sides in. This way the inside stitches do not show the rugged edges and besides it also adds strength to the stitch.

I will soon come up with a tutorial for this as I find a DIY cushion cover to be far more better than a store bought one.