Recycling boxes

The amount of waste we ‘produce’ day in and day out is piling up on the surface of the earth. If only we could reuse articles it would take off a great load. However, reusing stuff is often taken up as boring and ugly which is one reason why many things land up in the trash bin.

How about making ‘reuse’ a little exciting and more fun. This following bit of activity is a short and sweet one and in no time you can have two boring looking boxes transformed in to cute storage boxes. Can you guess what these two boxes originally contained?

A little bit of alteration, couple of articles and a torch and cookie box take up a completely different look. This is what you need – fabric, fabric glue (I did not have this then and hence used the normal PVA glue), scissors and a measuring tape.

  • Cut off one side of the box to give you a long boat type container.
  • Measure the box and accordingly cut the desired fabric – one for the interior and one for the exterior. It is just like covering it with paper. A little bit of variation in measurement is allowed as you will be pasting it and not stitching.
  • Apply glue on the exterior and stick the appropriate fabric.
  • Next, apply glue on the interior and paste the other fabric.
  • There, your boxes are ready.

Store whatever you wish to now:

Mobile Pouch

Since the last phone pouch I think I have gained a little more experience with my stitching. I got a new phone and that called for new phone pouch. This one had to be a little larger, in fact a lot larger than the last one. I wanted an extra pocket in which I could hide in a little money and keys as well. The results were not bad.

Mobile Phone Pouch

As is pouch is supposed to carry by phone it needed some cushion. There is an entire layer of foam in between the two layers of cloth. Vertical stitches are done all along to keep the fabric and foam together. As for the button it is only for decoration.

You see, I was in a bit of hurry to complete it and so went ahead and stuck Velcro patches. I had come across these adhesive patches in a store and could not resist buying them. I know the two black spots do look out of place but who has to look at them all the time. 🙂