T-shirt to Tote Bag

Could any other garment be more useful than a t-shirt? Whether you wear it or plan to discard it, its uses never seem to get over. The t-shirt comes back in a renewed form to serve a whole new purpose.

One such purpose was the transformation of the t-shirt to a a cushion.

Once again we take up a t-shirt but create something different. Our project this time is transforming a t-shirt to a tote bag. That’s right, we are reusing the t-shirt as a tote bag.

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And do you know the fun part of it? This is a super quick project suitable as a kid’s project, with a little help. No needles and sewing involved; this is a no-sew bag.

What you need is fifteen minutes, an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

Have you grabbed all three? So let us start.

We need to cut off the sleeves and neck portion. Make sure to make cuts which are equal on both sides.

After cutting, this is what your t-shirt will look like.


Cut off the hem portion of the t-shirt.

Now, depending upon the length of the tassel you need, make vertical cuts all along the bottom of the t-shirt. Your t-shirt should look like this.


To seal the bottom, take one strip from the t-shirt front and one from the t-shirt back and tie them up twice to make a knot. Similarly, tie all the front and back strips.


Having tied all the strips your bag will be ready and look something like this.


You tote is ready to go shopping!

T- shirt to Drawstring Bag

This was a project I had on my mind since a long time. Aseem outgrew this t-shirt but I would not let go of it. Somehow liked it a lot and wanted to re-use it.

T-shirt to Drawstring bag

Initially I thought of making a cushion cover out of it but finally settled on a drawstring bag.

Being a full-sleeve t-shirt I had ample material to give it extra storage options. I ripped open the seams of the sides and the sleeves. (This was the most difficult part of the job since the entire shirt had a serge stitch running all around.)

The front and back of the t-shirt formed the front and back of the bag. The sleeves formed the front and internal side-pocket. (see the two small pen caps peeping from the right side. they are in the pocket).

I did have the basic idea of a drawstring bag but the task of inserting storage space, especially the internal side-pocket, needed a bit of thinking. Besides, as is well known, practical on-the-job work is the best way to understand the task and this was exactly what happened here. As I continued the stitching the ideas kept coming in the pieces fell in place. What I had before me was a cute looking t-shirt looking even better as a re-furbished drawstring bag.