T-shirt to Bag

Another t-shirt transformation project successfully completed. A t-shirt turned to a bag.

Processed with MOLDIV

This was a fairly loose t-shirt that I no longer wanted to wear. The string at the bottom looked perfect for a drawstring bag.

If you are looking for a 15 minute project, this would be the perfect one.

Using a roller cutter cut off the lower portions of the t-shirt, leaving aside only the neck and sleeves.

Stitch all along the cut side to close it. This becomes the bottom of the bag. Turn it over to make the t-shirt bottom become the open end of the bag.

Open one end of the hem side seam to reveal just a bit of the string. Have a double layer of the string which will serve as a the bag strap when pulled.


Fold the bag and put it into your purse. Next time you go shopping you have your own bag to carry your shopping.

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