Old T-shirts to New Cushions

That one t-shirt with that special message; t-shirts that we outgrow and yet do not want to let go. It is of no use to us but holds great sentimental value.

IMG_0543These are special items that matter to us so why let them lie in the closet, far away from our vision. Let us get them out and give them a whole new avtaar.

T-shirts transformed into cushions is one way of repurposing those special tees.

And what’s more? They hardly require much skill.

Let’s make it:

– Cut the front and back to the desired sized cushion
– Stitch the two panels together inside-out on three sides
– On the fourth side stitch near the corners but leave the center open
– Turn the right side out
– Through the opening on the fourth side fill the cushion
– Fill evenly taking care to accentuate the corners
– Close the opening by hand sewing


Ta da! Your cushion is ready.


A few handy hints:
– If the filling is synthetic fiber will only go with synthetic material.
– Cotton can be filled in all cotton t-shirts.
– If you have synthetic fiber and cotton t-shirts give a synthetic lining to the cushion and vice versa. I had to do this for both cushions featured here.
– Filling evenly is very important to get a well shaped cushion.

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