Old Container, New Look

Repurposing and reusing is probably one of the ways we can reduce waste on this earth. It is a truth that we cannot escape all the packaged goods completely. Some time or the other we do end up buying some packed good. And with them come the packages.

What do you do with empty boxes and packets? Take for example this curd container.


Using a little bit of fabric and fabric glue this curd container has been given a new look. All that you need to do is cut some fabric the size of the jar and a round shaped piece for the lid. Apply fabric glue all around the jar and carefully stick the fabric.

Take care to remove all wrinkles from the fabric or else it will give an untidy look.


Now I can use this box as a cookie container. See those freshly baked custard cookies peeking out of the box.


My cookies comfortably rest in this repurposed curd container. What a wonderful way to resuse a box that would have, otherwise, landed in a trash bin.

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