Doily – extra large

First and foremost, the link to this wonderful doily:

I am using a yarn known as PP yarn among local vendors. It is the abbreviated form of Polypropylene Yarn. The qualities of this yarn make it a perfect choice for the purpose of this rug. Check them out:

  • Being bacteria and micro-organism resistant, it is moth proof, rot proof and resistant to growth of mildew and mould.
  • It is environment-friendly as it is recyclable and incinerates to ashes.
  • Being highly flexible it maintains flexibility even at temperatures of -55 degree Celsius.
  • Stain resistant means it has a low water absorption property which makes it easy to repel any kind of water borne stains.
  • It is quick drying as it has a low water absorption property.
  • Colour retention means it does not fade away as the colour is woven into the strands.

And now for my progress on in –

Seven rows done. It’s late in the night I and need to get some sleep.


Eight rows and still counting.

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Ninth row almost done when I run out of yarn. Will have to get more yarn but the question is will I get the same colour. If not, I will have to try a mix and match.

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21st May 2017

I finally got time to go get yarn but my fears proved to be real. No, the same colour was not available in the desired amount. But that was good in a way as I got to do a mix of colours.

I decided to go with white and I am pretty happy with my decision.

In this update I have completed row 15 but I still have 19 more to go.



Need to keep myself motivated to the last row.

Here comes another update. 24 rows done and 10 more to go.


And finally, today, 10th July 2017, after 2 months the final row is done!

This ‘doily’ now has a 48 inch diameter and makes for an impressive rug!