Crochet Butterfly

Crochet is like a language and each stitch an alphabet. We combine letters to make words; similarly, in crochet, we combine stitches to make patterns – slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, etc. And when these stitches come together they form a beautiful piece of art.

Browsing through different patterns and designs on the worldwide web (which happens to be one of my favourite pass time activities) I, more often than not, come across ideas that fall into the HAVE TO BE TRIED category.

The rich resource on the Pinterest platform is always showering ideas and patterns. The 3D butterfly patterns happens to be a small speck in that pile of ideas. Simple double crochet stitches form dainty and elegant little treasures. Thank you Tamara ART for this lovely design.

The first time I made the butterflies it was a gift for a friend. But once you have made one butterfly how can you stop at one? Neither could I and I ended up making a complete kaleidoscope.

BTW, did you know that butterflies collectively are also called a Kaleidoscope? A very apt name for the myriad of colours flashing around.


Keychains were simply not enough and these beauties had to be put to better use. On the suggestion of a friend three of these crochet butterflies where put together to make a Butterfly Dangler. I am thankful to Knotty Musings for suggesting the dangler idea.

And while I was busy crocheting away butterflies one of these came flying down to meet me.

Click here to get the Butterfly Pattern.