Gift Bags

Shopping for gifts is one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love heading to Macy’s and all the other different department stores whenever a birthday rolls around. That being said, it is no secret that shopping for gifts can be expensive! It is for this reason that I do a lot of my gift shopping online nowadays. Plus, the last time I ordered a gift for a friend online I actually managed to find a macys coupon so I got a fantastic discount. This just goes to show how important it is to shop around when buying gifts! I love using coupons as it is such a simple way to save money. Anyway, along with buying gifts, I also love packaging them. Personally, I prefer packaging gifts in handmade bags instead of using wrapping paper. The bag then becomes a part of the gift and it can be used for multiple purposes (not to mention, the paper we save while using these reusable bags!). Here is a selection of some of the different gift bags that I have used recently.

  1. This was a drawstring bag I made for a three year old boy. Filled with some Hot Wheels cars, this little boy had a bag to carry his cars too.


2. When I had to present some Fancy Key Chains as return gifts, these pouches served the purpose perfectly.



3. It was a little girl’s birthday who loved to draw and colour. This dainty bag was made to carry drawing and Colouring Books along with some pencils and crayons.


4. Jute has a different feel about it. These large envelope style jute bags are elegant enough to gift just about anything.