Old T-shirt, New Placemat

T-shirt yarn placemats. This idea had been ringing in my head since quite some time. I also tried looking for the yarn on online stores. Either they were not available or they were too expensive. But I had to try this!

The only alternative left was to make yarn out of an old, but good condition, t-shirt. And my efforts did not go in vain. Within a day I have given myself two placemats made out of t-shirt yarn. What’s even more exciting is that I this was a DIY t-shirt yarn.

These were placemats created from scratch. First you create your own yarn and then crochet them to give shape to colourful, eye catching placemats.

This has been a pure fun activity. Getting yarn out of a ready garment and then crocheting it to get something completely different.

My friends could not believe that this coaster was once upon a time a t-shirt.

But they had to.

If you too want to reuse your t-shirt and get some yarn out of it, this link should help you

How To Make T Shirt Yarn

So go ahead and get crocheting to give yourself these fabulous placemats. I sure am going to make some more!